Bold, daring and impossible to ignore. Welcome to the exciting new world of Emilee Rose, an emerging solo artist currently making her mark on the global music scene. Her sound is highly accessible to all — with lusciously layered vocals, fast flows and pop-perfect melodies. Emilee’s astounding anthems have been capturing the hearts of many for some time now. The rapidly rising star loves to tell tales through her music. Life is her biggest inspiration, as she tells all in raw and uncut detail. It's a highly intimate ordeal, with emotion-drenched bars and raw, relatable real-life stories.


Hailing from Colorado in the states, the young singer always had a deep love for performing. She did a ton of musical theatre as a child and was even part of an all-girl competitive acapella group that toured the globe. By the age of fifteen she was already writing her own songs and decided it was going to be her career. Her goal is to really dig deep into the feelings of the listener to evoke strong emotions. With her dreamily mesmerizing voice, it’s hard not to be swept off your feet by her enchanting melodies. From the darkest depths of depression to the soaring heights of partying, Emilee tells spellbinding stories across the whole spectrum. The resulting sound obliterates the boundaries of genre, and oozes with originality.


Now based out of Atlanta, the singer is bringing her magical melodies to the global stage. She first made her mark with the timeless track “Goodbye” that paints a potent picture of what a break up is really like. She followed this up with “The Best”, a softly soothing wholesome tune brimming with positive energy. After this she put out “Let Me Go” which showcases her versatile vocals and stunning songwriting. Her current single “Good Luck” which has been released under Sony/Orchard distribution is a feel-good floor-filler that pushes the boundaries of pop and electronic. Since moving out to Atlanta to chase her music dreams, she’s had the blessing to work with a number of Grammy award winning producers. Something that shines through in her songs that are glistening with slick style and powerfully profound production. She has a fierce work ethic and won’t stop grinding until the whole world knows her name.