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Bold, daring and impossible to ignore. Emily Zaletel, better known as Emilee Rose, is an emerging solo artist currently making her mark on the country music scene. Her music is highly accessible to all — with a dreamy western sound that effortlessly displays emotion and storytelling in a relatable and unique way. Emilee’s captivating anthems have been touching the hearts of many for some time now. The rapidly rising star loves to tell stories and relate to others through her music, using life as her biggest inspiration

A Take on 


“Emilee Rose is going the extra mile to give us something wholly original and uninfluenced by the biggest names among her peer group as we know it in 2023...She’s not as rebellious as some of the other young Americana-inspired singer/songwriters I’ve followed thus far in 2023, but instead, a bit bolder in what she’s willing to draw from to create something on her own...Rose wasn’t thinking about the aesthetical perceptions of the music as much as she was its emotional center, even outside of the lyrics...I’m certain that she’s going to make a transition from the underground sooner than some of her contemporaries will."

- Garth Thomas/The Hollywood Digest

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