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Bold, daring and impossible to ignore. Emily Zaletel, better known as Emilee Rose, is an emerging solo artist currently making her mark on the country music scene. Her music is highly accessible to all — with a dreamy western sound that effortlessly displays emotion and storytelling in a relatable and unique way. Emilee’s captivating anthems have been touching the hearts of many for some time now. The rapidly rising star loves to tell stories and relate to others through her music, using life as her biggest inspiration. 


Born in Denver, Colorado, Emilee moved around a lot as a child due to her father’s work. Her family lived in Birmingham, Alabama for a couple years of her adolescence, grounding her initial love for country music. Emilee grew up listening to the powerhouse music of Shania Twain, Leann Rimes, Jennifer Nettles, and Carrie Underwood, which she would later find inspired the music she creates today. At the age of 9, Emilee’s family relocated to Orlando, Florida where she then spent the majority of her childhood and teenage experience. The young singer always had a deep love for performing. She participated in musical theater as a child and was even part of an all-girl competitive acapella group that toured the country. By the age of fifteen she was already writing her own songs, finding songwriting as a way to express her emotions as she navigated coping with her anxiety and mental health. She fell in love with the process of making music and decided to turn this intimate passion into a career. 


Moving to Atlanta in 2019, Emilee entered the music scene at the age of only seventeen. Her entrance wasn’t a quiet one. Her first single, a Pop-RnB anthem “The Best”, gained over 200,000 streams in a short span of time. She reached fans across the world, with her top streaming countries being Germany and the United Kingdom. This was only the start of Rose’s songwriting and performance career. Through networking and meeting new producers Emilee expanded the genres she wrote, which ultimately led her to create eccentric Pop-Electronic music starting in 2020. Rose saw some amazing success, particularly with her song “Good Luck”, which obtained over 250,000 streams and earned her a plaque for charting high on the Global Digital Radio Charts. In 2022, Emilee met her frequent writing partner and producer, Lance Mapp, better known as “Tavis”.  They came together to simply write country music to sell, but after creating their first song start to finish in only thirty minutes, they knew this project was something special. Emilee felt a sense of euphoria and comfort about creating this western music. It gave her an excitement that she hadn’t felt in a while and encouraged her to take a pause and go back to her roots. 


Now based out of Nashville, TN, Emilee Rose has taken the global country music scene by storm. She debuted her first single “When I Close My Eyes” in September of 2022. This dreamy tune with incredible banjo and pedal steel accompanied a hopeless romantic storyline which made people stop and listen, asking to hear more. Rose didn’t make them wait long, following up with her single “Burns Like Whiskey” in October of 2022. The heartbreak anthem was released with a just as heartbreaking music video, displaying the bittersweet message of the song. The Hollywood Digest states that “Burns Like Whiskey” is “an interesting combination of bold melodic fireworks and country conceptualism of a much simpler variety … stimulating enough to be considered highbrow by anyone who follows this genre.” In 2023 Rose intends on keeping a trend of releasing lots of new show-stopping music and visuals. Fans should expect a single in February, which according to Emilee is the “best song I’ve made yet.”

quick facts

My birthday is October 22, 2001    I am a Libra Sun, Capricorn Moon & Rising

I've lived in Birmingham, AL; Orlando, FL; Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, and Nashville, TN


I started writing songs at age  7 (started professionally at 15)


My favorite colors are  Purple, Red, & Sage Green

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